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The Compass Music

Mission 使命

Compass was created to give God glory, to amplify His Words, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is to spread the good news and lead people to Christ by sharing the Gospel messages and personal testimonies through a variety of praise, Gospel, contemporary, and oldies music.   We pray that our music will inspire people to seek God and will give people a sense of joy, hope, encouragement, and most importantly, the Good News of salvation.

Compass樂隊成立目的是為了歸榮耀給 神, 傳揚祂的話語, 並宣講主耶穌基督的福音。我們的使命是通過分享福音訊息和個人見證, 加上中, 英詩歌, 及現代和懷舊歌曲, 將福音傳揚, 領人歸主。我們祈求能藉著音樂去激發人們尋求神, 並給與喜樂, 盼望, 鼓勵, 及最重要的救恩信息。

Beliefs 信仰

We believe in one true, holy, all-loving, all-powerful and eternally existing God, one who gave His one and only Son to us so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).  We also believe that we should model our lives in accordance to Jesus Christ’s, who commanded that our primary commission, as believers, is to share the good news of Gospel to all (Mark 16:15).

我們相信一位真實, 聖潔, 全愛, 全能和永活的神。神愛世人, 甚至將祂的獨生子賜給他們, 使一切信祂的, 不至滅亡, 反得永生(約翰福音3:16) 。我們也相信, 我們需要學效主耶穌去背起傳福音的責任, 活出大使命的吩咐。正如馬可福音16:15所講, “你們往普天下去, 傳福音給萬民聽。”

Works 事工

Our works include events that involve live music, personal testimonies, Gospel messages, and fun interactive activities with the audiences/seekers.  We specialize in blending the Gospel messages with contemporary and oldies music to connect with different people, and to show them that we do this because of our love for God and people.  We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with churches and Christian communities to customize evangelical programs for specific audiences or purposes.  We pray that those who hear our music and testimonies will be inspired and blessed, and for those who do not know Jesus will come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

我們聚會形式包括音樂, 個人分享見證, 福音信息, 及與聽衆/慕道者作有趣互動遊戲。我們擅長於將現代或懷舊音樂融合福音的訊息去吸引更多的人朎聽, 並向他們表明, 這是出於對神及對人的愛。我們積極尋求與教會或基督教團體合作, 為特定觀眾或目的去制定福音聚會。我們祈求聽到我們音樂和見證的人能夠得到激勵和祝福, 更重要的是那些不認識耶穌的人能夠接受祂成為他們個人的救主。

Team 隊員

Compass is a team of born-again Christian music lovers and enthusiasts, all of whom are passionate to use the talents God has given us to serve Him.  We are a fun-loving group; friendly and always eager to support one another.  From musicians to coworkers, we all have the same heart to share the love, redemption and salvation of our Lord Jesus.

Compass樂隊是一支重生得救和愛好音樂的基督徒團隊。我們都充滿熱誠地使用神賜給我們的恩賜去事奉祂。從樂手到不同崗位事奉的弟兄姐妹, 我們擁有合一的心志去分享主耶穌基督救贖的大愛, 是一隊互相支持和鼓勵,愛神愛人的團隊。




成人: $8, 6-12: $4, 1-5: 免費
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雲上太陽: 一個帶給癌症病人及家人安慰與盼望的聚會 中文金曲及現代詩歌, 免費下午茶座,譚品立牧師分享 憑票入座, 送完即止 索取門票: Tickets: Telephone: +1 416 576 7207 萬錦廣場,鑽石喜宴 (3255 Highway 7 East, Markham)



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